Sacred Sunday: Beltane + Bees

Swoon! A gift from the May. I do love my roses!

“As wing takes to air
As hoof drums the ground
As fire lights the night
As water bathes my brow
Oh, my love come to me.
Love me as the world loves me
Forever and ever and always…”

Happy Beltane & May Day!

We enjoyed a beautiful May Day putting up Mark’s beehives, admiring the flowers on the wild blackberries as well as the various bees enjoying them, and doing our end of the month review in our Shining Year workbook.

My Womanrunes card of the day was the Whole Moon, rune of cycles and energy, reminding us to listen to our bodies and to trust the ebbs and flows and natural rhythms of life…

I am the blossom, I am the bee
I am the branch, I am the squirrel
I am the acorn, I am the oak
I am the breath, I am the words
I am the space, I am the fullness
I am the song of the May.

If you look closely, you can spy a honeybee behind their heads!

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