Telling About It: Sacred Companion Sculpture

12909674_1722074311338117_182462568705671285_oThis figure was specifically created to be a gentle guardian, guide, and holder of sacred space. Comfortingly sized to fit perfectly in the hand, the sacred companion may also stand on a windowsill or altar, and also tucks tidily into a pocket or purse.

About three inches tall, the Sacred Companion is a gender neutral representation of connection to Spirit. The double spiral represents the winding path of each person’s Lifewalk as well as Kundalini or Shakti energy.

This figure was born out of a co-creative conversation with a hospice volunteer in our Creative Spirit Circle facebook group. I find that the same IMG_2311impulse that draws women into work that honors birth and women’s life cycle work may come to extend into serving the dying as well. There are a number of hospice volunteers within our group. Brigid’s Grove is rooted in the belief that these things matter. Our rites of passage, our significant life transitions, our triumphs, our struggles, our births, our losses, our parenting, our aging, our deaths, our lives. These matter. And, we are devoted to producing resources and tangible products that communicate this significance, that offer you something that honors your story, your journey, your sacred walk in the world.

I shared with the group that my favorite resource for a goddess-honoring approach to walking with the dying is the book Midwifing Death by Leslene Della-Madre.

The Sacred Companion design is intended for many contexts in addition to hospice work and we are happy to offer a discount to healing workers of all types on bulk quantities of these comforting, healing, companion figures.

IMG_2637Sacred Companion Sculpture

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