New Spring Ritual Kits!

March 2016 015We’ve been planning and working on our new seasonal ritual kits for a long time! Finally…the first ones are ready! The spring ritual kit is a limited edition (only 25 available) and will only be sold while supplies last or until May 1st.

The kits each contain all these goodies…

  • Handmade goddess sculpture (choose from two styles and two colors). The green pigment used for the sculpture is custom blended by us to represent the new growth of springtime and is not available anywhere else. It is blended by hand individually for every sculpture, so exact shade may vary slightly from photos. If you are in our Creative Spirit Circle Facebook group, you will have seen how many versions of the color we went through before we settled on the “right” one! 😉
  • Aventurine bracelet
  • Rose quartz bracelet (I was going to have there be a choice between the two bracelets and then I decided, why not include both! 🙂 )
  • Blown glass flower pendant–these are pretty and delicate with a little yellow blossomMarch 2016 019
  • Amethyst gemstone
  • Rose quartz gemstone
  • Sky blue altar cloth (we will substitute dark purple by request, if you prefer)
  • Spring blessing “ritual recipe” (ceremony outline)
  • A little surprise chosen by me

You have a choice between a pregnant goddess or a standing goddess in either our special spring green or a purple mica pigment.

The contents of this kit are valued at $50 when sold separately! And, they are so much fun to put together. I’ve been working so hard on the materials for the Practical Priestessing class, that I haven’t mentioned the seasonal ceremony kits much at all, but we’ve been planning them since this time last year!12030353_1715529411992607_3321069349790827542_o


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