Have goddesses, will travel…

We’re home again after seven days at beautiful, magical (and cold + windy!), Dauphin Island! On the 12+ hour drive back home, I reactivated most of our etsy listings and so our shop is at mostly full capacity/inventory again (any orders placed in the last week were shipped from the tiny Island post office!). Enrollment is still open for the Practical Priestessing and Red Tent classes too.

12795206_1712346025644279_6245997511251569389_oNew things are dawning…if you visit our website in the next couple of days, you’ll notice it is looking pretty funky. That’s okay and we know! We didn’t want to take it totally offline while making revisions, so we hope you’re willing to accept the changing tapestry as we go through some growing pains. When it is finished, it will be a clean, well-organized, resource-FULL hub for you to easily navigate.

12783712_1710227505856131_31295821355430542_oPriestess robe bundles by the multi-talented The Biz Priestess – Virtual Assistant are also back in the shop.

10683678_1711651319047083_5668895522182516582_oOur new dark purple spiral goddess sculpture is a kit exclusive. She was created to go with our new priestess initiation course and is included with the class materials kit. (There are ten spaces left in the class! Is one yours?)

We have some new Cerridwen sculptures in stock again (we don’t make this one, but buy her for resale because I love this design so much!). I also made myself a labradorite bracelet with a new labyrinth charm and added some fresh labyrinth sacred space and/or birth power bracelets to the shop too.

12593700_1711726602372888_3149920217729723141_oWe had a wonderful time on our trip. We walked on the beach for hours upon hours collecting shells. We built sand castles and dug holes and sketched a labyrinth in the sand with our toes and walked it. I built a goddess in the sand and spent hours finally memorizing the charge of the goddess poem and recited it on the beach into the hair of my dozing baby. It was totally worth it.

12764499_1710772422468306_7481614915461096903_o“I and so many other mothers before me have fully lived this ritual of connection and sustenance. We are the Life Givers, and we are holy in our work.”

–Jennifer Pratt-Walker (in SageWoman magazine)


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