Crescent Moon Layout for the New Moon

The Moon Mother calls you. She dances around the edges of your conscious awareness, singing your name, tugging at your January 2016 003 (2)spirit.


Listen to the Dreamtime.


What is knocking at the doorway of your soul?


What calls to you in the night?


Are you dreaming?


Have you given up on dreams?


Are you listening?


Have you stopped trying?


–Molly Remer, Womanrunes: a guide to their use and interpretation

We have a new Womanrunes layout for the Crescent Moon to offer to you during the February new moon. It may be used with any cards you like, though naturally, it is particularly well-suited to Womanrunes.:)

The worksheet is available as full page or as a half-page (for tucking easily in a journal).

*note: I am aware that the Crescent Moon rune is technically a waning crescent moon, but for this layout and this work, it works well with new moon energy and intent.

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