New Products: Shakti Woman, Mamapriestess, Maiden, and Red Moon goddess pendants!

February 2016 081When Mark started pouring “scrap” resin into our pewter pendant molds last year and creating rough-edged scrap goddesses with the leftover material from our larger sculptures, I had no idea anyone would want them. They were rough edged and often had bubbles in them and their colors were kind of dull/rough as well. As he got better at pouring them, they started to look better. Deeper color. Shinier surface. Less bubbles. He started to trim the rough edges and I started to put them together into tiny altar kits. Then, one day he poured one of our large moon goddess pendants and I fell in love with her. As a pewter pendant, she was pretty, but heavy and clunky. As a resin scrap goddess, she shone! I started wearing her as a pendant and then realized that other people would too. She is visually striking, but lightweight and easy to wear. While they’re still made from scrap material and still have various small imperfections, Mark carefully finishes each one by hand now and adds a charm loop to the top. He trims the rough edges, polishes off the back, and we check each one over to make sure the breasts are intact!

In addition to wearing them as pendants, I love using them in other ways: as embellishments on my intention candle for the year; as companions lined up along the top of my laptop keyboard as I work; as bits of visual interest in my pictures; and as consciously chosen reflections of the ideas and reminders I’m working with in a day, particularly with Womanrunes. Each small goddess was created for a purpose and has a story and a message. When I choose my cards for the day, I often choose a tiny goddess whose color or story matches up to the message from the cards and place them together. It has a “Zen garden” effect for me–the contemplative arrangement of the items and the reflective time spent considering them. I like making mandalas with my many handfuls of tiny goddesses—it has a calming, restorative, effect and is visually pleasing too. The goddesses that are too scrap to sell (“popped” breasts is the most common flaw), I bag up into little bags and mail away to members of the Creative Spirit Circle for free (+ minimal shipping). It absolutely thrills me to see these little goddesses popping up in other women’s photos and work with Womanrunes on Instagram as well. I love what they carry into the world and how they speak to other people. Each one carries our love, personal magic, energy, heart, and the labor of our hands with her.

While most of them end up as part of our mini blessing and ceremony kits, this week, I added several new mini goddesses to the shop as individual purchases, available for jewelry, personal crafting, or goddess “Zen garden” arranging!

The Shakti Woman design is ready to rise!

February 2016 077The Mamapriestess embraces the wide-open expanse of shared possibility (and she’s plain out cute!)

February 2016 082The Red Moon goddess pendant is the one I wear every day and she is popular for Red Tents. So, I created a special listing that guarantees you will get a red one when you order, rather than the “grab bag” nature of our other tiny goddess listings.

February 2016 171She also comes in lots of colors:

February 2016 067 November 2015 029The super tiny moon maiden was created in blue by special request for a customer overseas, but we made a couple extras ones as well.

February 2016 068We also already had separate listings for:

We are also happy to honor color requests when at all possible!

I’ve been feeling some other designs knocking at my consciousness for a couple of days now and I keep getting strong Crone goddess requests and ideas, so over the weekend I created a couple of new prototypes. These are the first mini sculpts created expressly to be done as “scrap goddesses” rather than in pewter. They are on the large side, 1.5-2 inches, and can be used for pendants or for anything else you can imagine! Now, I just have to be patient while Mark continues the process. Each original has to be glued to plexiglass and then have silicone poured around it to create a mold. Then, the mold has to cure for several days. The original goddess then has to be carefully demolded, often losing a head or breast in the process! When the mold is ready to use, each goddess is cast by hand using clear casting resin and mica pigment. After the casts have cured, they have to be trimmed and finished by hand. And, then, they’re finally ready to set out on their adventures!

February 2016 046

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    1. The bottom one is actually a re-visioning of my “SHE” goddess for women who have had surgery. 🙂

      1. What a great idea. (Sorry. I couldn’t see very well on this phone screen) They are all beautiful.

  1. Thanks for sharing the process of your artistry Molly! These little goddess help us remember and reclaim the sacred feminine path …wherein lie the mysteries of creation. Blessings sister.

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