Solstice Sisters

12375026_1686430314902517_1626307141788126636_oI recognize that I am feeling a little sad and wistful that this month feels so “sped up” to me. I welcome the hibernation and incubation of winter, but the to-dos keep on coming. However, as I sit with that feeling for a while, I recall from many past turns of the wheel that this is my usual feeling in December: anticipating hibernation and “slowing down.” A longing for rest, contemplation, and restoration. But, then really, more to do than ever before! But, then in January and February is when the hibernation actually comes. I usually do a personal renewal retreat in the first week of February. The beginning of January feels open and full of promise. It usually snows and we quite literally can’t go anywhere and so the hibernation I keep craving is then an enforced-by-Nature one. In fact, I think I’m going to “officially” release the idea that I should be resting and reflecting right now and trust the memory of restorative darkness and the promise of winter’s incubation which is still to come.

We’ve recently been inspired to do some work with intentional use of color to communicate feelings and ideas. From that, these Solstice Sisters were created: Honoring the twin gifts of winter: the restorative darkness and the promise of light.

12356942_1686613161550899_3808971334368868688_oWe only have seven sets available since we didn’t think of the idea with enough time to prepare them for this year’s Winter Solstice. We do plan to make them again next year with some more lead-in time!

If you are feeling similarly to me as we enter mid-December—pulled in lots of exciting directions, while also craving some rest and renewal, you might enjoy these resources:

Our Winter Solstice newsletter coming up on December 15th includes a free Seasonal Meditations mini-book.

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