New Priestess Robe Blessing Bundles!

She holds the vision. She holds the space. She holds an ancient wisdom.IMG_9495

Encoded in her cells, written on her bones…

The mantle settles around her shoulders.
Sinking into belly, bones, and blood,
until she knows,
without a doubt,
that this is who,
she really is.

When I was ordained, my dear friend Shellei created a special priestess mantle for me to wear during my ordination ceremony. I’ve since worn it to many festivals, ceremonies, rituals, and as a priestess at wedding ceremonies. Now, we’ve teamed up to offer you a gorgeous blessing bundle. Your bundle will contain a beautiful hand-sewn, hand-dyed priestess robe created by Shellei as well as a matching goddess sculpture and a resin goddess charm created by me, two gemstone kits, and a pendant of your choice! I’m so thrilled to be able to offer these treasures to other women!

PicCollageThese beautiful bundles contain:

+Individually hand-dyed Priestess Mantle/Robe. These robes are each made completely by hand and dyed to order. You have your choice of four colors for the Goddess centerpiece on the back. The fabric is rayon challis, which has a gorgeous drape and flow. The length is approximately 42 inches. When this mantle of the priestess settles around your shoulders, you stand taller and speak your truth! You can feel Her energy soak into you.

+Handmade standing goddess priestess sculpture (three inches tall) in a color to match your robe.

+Elemental Connecting gemstone set which includes four stones attuned to the energy of each element (Moss Agate for Earth, AquaNovember 2015 052 Obsidian for Water, Carnelian for Fire, and Opalite for Air).

+Priestess Wisdom gemstone set which includes four stones of benefit for intuition, grounding, and transformation.

+Miniature spiral goddess handmade resin charm. She can be worn as a pendant or hooked onto a purse or other item.

+Tiny cauldron charm and tiny silver-tone goddess charm.

+Amethyst bracelet on stretch nylon cord. Amethyst is a stone for protection, serenity, calming, motivation, insight, healing.

+Your choice of pendant: crescent moon, Willendorf goddess, warrior goddess, spiral goddess, or tree of life.

The contents of this Kit are valued at over $100 when sold separately!

November 2015 059These kits are available with plain black robes as well!

November 2015 096

Come join the Circle!

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  1. Gratitude for your beautiful efforts towards Sisterhood! I an a Spiritual Traditional Midwife with around 260 babies now and I facilitate Sacred Sister Checks monthly in my Community. I’m looking forward to your kind Offerings to see what we can incorporate into our Sacred Circle…. Blessed Love

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