Christmas Moon Goddesses

November 2015 014We were honored to create 30 colorful crescent moon goddesses recently for a Christmas Moon circle. They looked so beautiful all together that I kind of felt like keeping them all and making goddess mandalas with them every day! Instead, we sent them joyfully out into the world to join new circles and to bring their colors of celebration to the lives of 30 other women.

I only recently discovered how fun it is to create mandala designs with our little resin scrap goddesses as well as gemstones. It feels incredibly meditative and peaceful to do. (I’ve actually considered putting together a little kit like a sort of “Zen garden”). We do sell these crescent moon goddesses individually as well and they may be used as jewelry or as ornaments. They are each two inches tall. The design was originally created in pewter, but she is quite heavy, since she is so large. Mark started making some in resin using scrap material and we quickly realized that they are particularly beautiful in resin. The size actually allows them to work really well as colorful, sturdy resin goddess pendants.

November 2015 012I realize that there are many hardships and crises taking place in the world today. Sometimes I feel paralyzed by the magnitude of the issues, sometimes I feel like the only response is to create something beautiful to counteract the suffering. Each day as we create and ship our work around the world, I feel connected, hopeful, and happy—we pack up our pieces in their little purple bags, thinking good thoughts for the people who will receive them, imagining their happiness when they open their packages, and hoping to bless them in some way with the works of our hands. This doesn’t come from being naive or from being unwilling to face the suffering in the world, in comes from an unwillingness to give into pessimism or cynicism, but instead takes an idealistic stand for joy, beauty, connection, and intentional, values-based action.

We re-wrote our “about us” section a couple of weeks ago, prior to tragedies in Paris and Beruit. In it, I wrote:

We feel so privileged and honored and humbled to be invited into your lives in some small way. To witness some of your triumphs and tender places, your courage and your wounded places. To hear your stories and to be a part of your diverse journeys. You invite us to your births. Into your hands, hearts, and homes. We join you at your mother blessings, your red tents, your family rituals, your personal ceremonies, your rites of passage. You allow us on your birth altars and into your bedrooms, hospital rooms, birth centers, and offices. It is a sacred trust.


Sometimes we feel very small in the face of the many challenges and many pains of the world, but we return to the knowing that every day what we do together at Brigid’s Grove adds goodness and meaning to people’s lives and that is something.


Source: Who We Are – Brigid’s Grove

Thank you.

November 2015 027

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