Telling About It: Mamapriestess Pendant


October 2015 126 We step out into the spacious expanse of shared possibility.

We don’t sell many of our little mamapriestess pendants, but I love her anyway. She represents both the mother-child relationship and the mother’s ability to do her own work in the companionship of her child.

We’ve only ever sold one of this design in pewter that I can remember online, so she’s probably going to be discontinued. I thought I’d give her a little more attention and “airtime” first though, just in case her people just haven’t found her yet! She’s one of our few designs that stands independently, which means she can easily double as a tiny altar piece. 

As I work on my dissertation project, I’ve been thinking about the Mamapriestess…she who tends her own heart and serves her community. I posed a question to my dissertation study group as well as in a blog post and I welcome continued input!

I want to hear from the Mamapriestesses, from the Hearth Priestesses! Where are the other practicing priestesses with children at home? I noticed in Christine’s book that the bulk of her work took place after her children were grown and, to my mind, she also had to distance or separate from her children and her relationships in order to fully embrace her priestess self. How do you balance this? How does it work for you?


Source: Mamapriestess? | WoodsPriestess

I’m also working on some new blessing bundles featuring resin “scrap goddesses” in this same design:

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