This Week at Brigid’s Grove: Autumn, birthworkers and blessings

In February of 2014, I sat on the stones in the woods, came face to face with a raccoon in the tree and suddenly knew that I was pregnant again. In October of 2014, I sat on these stones in the woods awaiting the imminent arrival of my new baby boy. This week, I sat on these stones in the woods with a baby boy who is now approaching his first birthday. The wheel spins quickly.


The fall nights literally sing. Walking on the veranda, a chorus of insect song fills the air, owls call, dogs bark, coyotes howl.


Kits for our upcoming Divination Practicum were all lined up in the workroom waiting to be mailed…

17023_1672623869616495_3135520464031334797_nAnd, we’re doing a happy dance because the Divination Practicum workbooks finally came in and they look amazing! 340 pages of good stuff. (We still have a couple of open slots in the class. Begins Oct 27!).


Golden leaves of autumn are all around us

10407681_1672688402943375_894099168655256567_nThe prompt for the final day of the 30 Days of Harvest course was “Gathering and Releasing.” I didn’t expect to have it be so literal. I gathered up all of my supplies for a Red Tent call on Friday night. I was supposed to be the guest speaker for Journey of Young Women talking all about Womanrunes and how to make and use them. Tons of tech difficulties meant we had to postpone the call after about twenty minutes of trying to make it work. That would be the releasing part…!

(I blogged about each of the 30 Days on my Woodspriestess blog).


Is it t0o soon to mention Christmas? We’re working on some Christmas ornaments! These luminous mamas will look amazing with holiday lights behind them.


We’ve been keeping the mail department busy this week! A pretty cherry quartz Healing Hands pendant has headed out as a donation for the Colorado Doulas Association conference and a Birth goddess + tiny goddess charms for a doula retreat in Canada! We love supporting the work of birthworkers around the world.

12115735_1673248839553998_6323829844579583602_n 12122679_1673539799524902_3335368428355452227_n

New Moon blessings and Red Tent this week, We made Womanrunes gratitude + blessing + intention flags at our October red tent. This is a great project for women’s circles. Lots of fun and powerful too!

12106790_1673336632878552_2154282978540401221_n 12118983_1673710176174531_2247102593479399393_n

“a beautiful book of poetry that calls to earth women, earth mamas, wood pixies…”

It made my heart so happy to read these words today from Rachael at Moon Times about my new Earthprayer poetry book (a companion e-course is coming soon!). The book is available on Amazon US and Amazon UK as well as from our Etsy shop.

12115561_1673721906173358_8351932066983960577_nI was interviewed by KNOWHEN this week, talking about TTC, birth empowerment, birth education, and pregnancy loss: Molly Talks About Childbirth & Her Own TTC Story – KNOWHEN

And, speaking of pregnancy loss, in October we honor Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. Please feel free to use this photo as your own profile picture on Facebook if you need to do so:

October 2015 033

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