This Week at Brigid’s Grove: Changes, remembering and letting go

As the season changes, I’ve been craving solitude and time alone to simply think. My dreams have felt very significant and yet skitter away from me during frequent night-wakings with my nursling. They roll just out of my reach and dance at the edges of my consciousness with the promise of something forgotten…


Last weekend I took part in a #womeninthewild photo shoot with a group of beautiful nursing mamas.  The photos look great and we created a mini gift bag for each mother to take home as part of the day.


We made our annual visit to the pumpkin patch on Thursday (can you see my little baby peeking down the slide at me?). Then, we spent the evening sorting and sizing winter clothes (no small task for six people). Three garbage bags full of outgrown clothes were distributed to new homes, and I joked that the “descent” into sorting clothes is a true hero’s journey! Perhaps mundane, but these are the signs of the changing seasons and the dropping into the home-centered mood of fall.

12112086_1671085739770308_5144652705114558867_nOn Friday, I spoke at the memorial service for a wonderful friend of mine. She was an influential LLL Leader and mentor to many and though she wasn’t an elder in years, she was one in wisdom and guidance. Before leaving for her funeral, I drew a Womanrunes card and got The Dark Moon. This is the crone’s rune. The rune of wisdom and the unknown.


That night at our Red Tent circle, we had a seed ceremony and talked about how beautiful things take root in dark places.


We spent a great deal of time over the weekend working on the awesome resource packages that come with our upcoming Divination Practicum! We begin on October 27th.

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While we always intended to include a physical, printed workbook as part of the course, we did not know that what we’d actually put together was a 340 page workbook! I can’t wait to hold it in my hands and to share it with our class participants.

Divination Practicum WorkbookThis week, I woke on Monday morning thinking of Womanrunes The Winged Circle, rune of freedom, and the sense of lightness and freedom I have as I let go of residual stress, tension, and overwork from grading. As I tried to lay out a lovely, symbolic, “letting go” mandala in the afternoon, the cat, the baby, and the little girl all walked on it. The wind blew my leaves out of pattern and scattered my seeds. The blue jay feather I’d synchronistically found kept flipping over. I had to laugh at myself as I kept trying to make it “right.” I get it, I get it. Let go. (yes, those are baby toes in the lower left corner).


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