This week at Brigid’s Grove: Big things, little things and courage


We often get requests for BIG sculptures. Personally, I love the size of our easily handheld, small, portable goddesses and I’ve made my peace with the fact that the goddesses that come through my fingers are all in a three inch, handheld size. They’re perfect for transporting around the house, for tucking into my purse or inside my shirt, and for perching on the side of my laptop or bedside. Sometimes, it feels like I’m part of an unbroken lineage of priestesses and women who have been sculpting small, portable, hand held devotional figures for at least 30,000 years. I honor the naturally emerging size of my figures as part of their Mesopotamia ancestry! That said, over the weekend, Mark decided he was up for the challenge of creating BIG instead. She isn’t finished yet, but he has been working for days on this new sculpt. He’s planning to learn gypsum casting soon so that we can create these larger figures in gypsum.


Right before I left for GGG, I had a sudden stroke of inspiration to add loops to the tops of our tiny “scrap goddesses.” Now, you can hook a tiny birth goddess to anything you want! We’re planning to get some ready as rearview mirror hangings or keychains for midwives wanting some birthy inspiration as they drive to the next birth.


These sparkly, pretty, mini goddess of Willendorf charms are also ready on etsy! These are our scrap goddesses made with material left over from our larger sculptures. I had the brilliant idea recently to add a metal ring to the top (duh!) to make them easy to hang anywhere you need a little Ancient Mother energy, wisdom, or guidance. She can be your traveling goddess buddy attached to purse, backpack, key chain, or even worn on a necklace.


A lot of this week has been about enjoying and exploring all the beautiful autumn colors and scents. It’s so important to take these moments, these sacred pauses, especially as its the busiest time of the school session for me and I have end of session grading to complete.




My 30 Days of Harvest prompt for Instagram late last week was ‘savoring autumn fruits’ so I took it metaphorically and went on a walk with my baby to identify nine “flavors” of autumn from my own back yard. Persimmon, raspberry, dogwood, rose, aster, polk, oak, and cucumber! Plus, those cuties in the middle who have been wanting to buy boxes of international snacks online. Mark went to Big Lots and got them a box of snacks from Germany, Italy, Peru, China, Turkey, England, and the U.S. I think we’re also going to call this a homeschooling win!


This week I have been thinking about the fact that creating goddess art that attempts to communicate an experience feels like a sacred trust. We have several designs that honor women’s scars. And, their courage.


And finally, I woke up this morning with a fun idea…free tiny cauldron charm with every order in October! Just mention “cauldron,” at check out!


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