This Week at Brigid’s Grove: Babywearing, roses and a personal harvest


The first few babywearing mama goddesses went live on our Etsy Shop. She can be made by request in a variety of colors.


Also new tiny birth goddess blessing bundles have arrived bringing birthy empowerment and affirmation to the shop. Pocket sized inspiration, encouragement and mother blessing wisdom. We love these new minis!


I’ve been enjoying the beautiful bloom of these September roses by the veranda (back deck), the last roses of the year always feel extra special.


Tanner and I headed to Kansas for the Gaea Goddess Gathering with some of our newest sculptures and my new Earthprayer book (print copes via Amazon, digital via etsy). Feeling really grateful for my personal harvest that is my beautiful work and family, including my ten month old baby boy!


A notebook full of possibilities filled to the sound of drums while my baby sleeps


On the final day of the gathering, my sister-in-law and I went on a misty morning walk to the lake. We were planning to re-create a similar picture she took of me two years ago that now graces the back cover of my Earthprayer book, but she snapped this one too without me knowing. I love how the mist connects to my hand.

We also took a couple of Babies of Avalon pictures.

I’ll be posting more about the new book soon! It is available in print via Amazon and digital via etsy.

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