Telling About It: Footprints Charm for Twin or Multiple Miscarriage

11951875_1660346187510930_6180278846471102209_nOne of our most popular items is unfortunately our miscarriage memorial charm for twins or multiple losses. It is one of our personal “ministries” to make these available at as low of a price as possible for people who need them, but every time we get an order for one, we feel the sadness and wish that the person didn’t need it. We also make a keychain version which is good for fathers or other people touched by the loss.

When I had my first miscarriage, the image of tiny footprints left on my heart forever was very powerful for me. I searched the internet for the perfect necklace to express my feelings and to remember my baby and I found a little charm with footprints on a heart. I bought several and made two into keychains for my husband and my dad and made the other two into pendants for my mom and myself. I felt like I really needed this as a memorial to my baby and what his life meant to my family. After making the single set of footprints available, we got many requests from mothers of lost twins or mothers of multiple miscarriage who wanted a related charm.

We’re so sorry for your loss and send our very best wishes on your own loss journey. We hope these charms might bring some comfort to you as you travel. The road is a long one and our tiny babies stay with us forever…footprints on our hearts…


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