Ceremony of Welcome for a New Baby

1. Opening reading: 417

Wonder of Wonders

Wonder of wonders,
life is beginning
fragile as blossom,
strong as the earth.
Shaped in a person,
love has new meaning,
parents and people
sing at their birth.
Now with rejoicing,
make celebration;
joy full of promise,
laughter through tears,
naming and blessing
bring dedication,
humble in purpose
over the years.
–Singing the Living Tradition (UU Hymnal)


2. Baby’s name is announced!

 A Prayer for One Who Comes to Choose This Life giveaways

May she know the welcome
of open arms and hearts

May she know she is loved
by many and by one

May she know the circle of friendship that gives
and receives love in all its forms

May she know and be known
in the heart of another

May she know the heart
that is this earth
reach for the stars and
call it home

And in the end
may she find everything
in her heart
and her heart
in everything

(by Danelia Wild in Sisters Singing)


3. Gifts, Beads, Blessings…

Each guest should be asked to bring a special bead and add it to a necklace/mobile for the baby–as each person places their bead, they offer a wish or blessing for the baby.

Beads, charms and blessing pouches are available in our etsy shop.

4. Sing Call Down a Blessing

Each person fills in a word of choice for the blank space and whole group sings each in turn. i.e. “Joy….joy before you, joy behind you…” 567b

Call down a blessing

Call down a blessing

Call down a blessing

Call down.

__________before you

__________behind you

__________within you

__________and around you

(Cathy Barton & Dave Para)

(A recorded version of my local Red Tent Circle singing this song is available here.)

5. Hold up/out baby or mother and baby stand in center of circle.


6. Group Reading (optional: simultaneous “anointing” with elements):

Deep peace of the running wave to you.
Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
Deep peace of the infinite peace to you.

7. And/OR

Stars give her strength
Sun turn her eyes
Moon guide her feet
Earth turning hold her
We pray for her
We sing for her
We drum for her
We pray.

–Chrystos (in Open Mind)


This ceremony is partially excerpted from our ebook: Ritual Recipe Kit.

More resources for Creative Ceremony can be found here.

And, mini blessing kits can be found here.

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