Telling About It

cropMolly 199At the core, our jewelry and sculptures are based on this quote by Mary Oliver:

Pay attention

Be astonished

Tell about it.

Our pieces tell about it. Each one was originally created to represent something in my own life, to carry a story, or to remind me of something. A few sculptures were then created by special requests from special people based on their experiences and the desire to have something that tells about it. Our customers tell us that when they wear our pendants or look at our sculptures, they are reminded of their own pivotal life experiences, of their own strength, their own power, their own wisdom, and their own life lessons. A sculpture or pendant may help the buyer acknowledge their own life’s path and significant moments within in, express devotion or dedication to a particular goddess, express their love for their children, thank their doula or midwife, represent their goddess path, declare their identity as priestesses, remember their own courage in life or birth, or bless another woman on her own journey. In each case, they help them tell about it.


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