Baby in my Heart Miscarriage Memories/Memorial Pendant

When I had my first miscarriage, the image of my baby staying in my heart forever was very powerful for me. I searched the internet for the perfect necklace to express my feelings and to remember my baby. The image for this new pendant was designed by a customer by special request. We don’t usually take custom requests in pewter because of the time and energy required to mold and cast a new design–it just doesn’t make sense for a one-time use–but her image spoke to us and we knew it would speak to others also. So, Mark carved her design in linoleum block and then molded and cast it and the first few he has cast are now available in our shop.

I hope this pendant might bring some comfort to others as they travel. The road is a long one and our tiny babies stay in our hearts forever.

My miscarriage blog—now complete—is Footprints on my Heart.

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