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January 2015 020 (2)

Birth Art & Goddess Sculptures

Celebrate your birth experience or honor another of life’s significant moments with one of our original sculptures. Perfect gifts for doulas, midwives, or personal birth altars, these empowering figurines bring the power, beauty, and transformation of the sacred feminine into your life.



Are you looking for resources for your Women’s Circle or seeking ways to bring a sense of celebration, ceremony, and sacred connection to your life?

Brigid’s Grove publishes:


Ritual Recipe Kit

Red Tent Resource Kit

Earthprayer, Birthprayer, Lifeprayer, Womanprayer

February 2015 057

Pewter Pendants

We create pendants that tell stories, honor experiences, celebrate transitions, and communicate messages or reminders. Wearing our empowering goddess designs connects you to your own strength, your pivotal life moments, and gives you a touchstone of personal wisdom to draw upon again and again.

cropOctober 2014 105

Priestess Rings

Created to recognize and celebrate priestess initiation, these rings speak to the heart of a priestess. Recognize and bind your commitment to your priestess path and your vow of service to your community.