At Brigid’s Grove, we create original goddess sculptures and pendants, red tent resources, birth art sculptures, mother blessing gifts, ceremony kits, and blessing bundles. We also publish Womanrunes book and card sets and offer powerful online trainings in Red Tent facilitation and Practical Priestessing. We welcome you to join our free Creative Spirit Circle and share your gifts and stories with us.

We feel so privileged and honored and humbled to be invited into your lives in some small way. To witness some of your triumphs and tender places, your courage and your wounded places. To hear your stories and to be a part of your diverse journeys. You invite us to your births. Into your hands, hearts, and homes. We join you at your mother blessings, your red tents, your family rituals, your personal ceremonies, your rites of passage. You allow us on your birth altars and into your bedrooms, hospital rooms, birth centers, and offices. It is a sacred trust.

Looking for blessingway gifts, birth altar figurines, presents for midwives or doulas, mother blessing ceremony ideas or red tent resources? You’ve come to the right place!

Come join the circle and receive access to a bountiful treasure trove of resources as well as a weekly newsletter. Once a month, each issue also includes a special freebie!

The circle is open…feel free to connect with us personally by joining our free Facebook group: Creative Spirit Circle and share resources and conversation with our growing community.collectorcard-2.5inx3.5in-h-frontBrigid’s Grove is your source for blessingway gifts, birth art, goddess jewelry, ceremony kits and supplies, birth altar figurines, earth-based cycle celebration, and publications and workshops for intentional, creative, spiritual living.

Brigid is a Triple Goddess of Fire: the fire of poetic inspiration and creative voice, the fire of health and fertility, and the fire of metalwork and crafts. Her name was chosen as inspiration for our family’s business because of how perfectly these three purposes match our interests and goals.

Brigid is also known as the Christian saint who protects women, infants, and midwives. Brigid’s ancient monastery in Ireland was named Kildare, which means Church of the Oak Grove. Since our own home in Central Missouri is nestled among the oaks, Brigid’s Grove was born. cropMolly 211