Priestess Rings

Purchase our Priestess Initiation Rings via Etsy.

Chosen because of the goddess-evocative symbols on the settings, these rings speak to the heart of a priestess. Wear one of these rings to recognize and bind your commitment to your priestess path and your vow of service to your community.

Recent Reviews

“This is a beautiful and magickal ring….Such a wonderful way to display my commitment to my life in as a High Priestess….shipping was so fast, and I will buy more items from this store. …..Thank you….”


“Really pretty ring! I love the design of the band!”


“I don’t know if I can do this ring justice in a written review! It’s imbued with such peaceful strength and higher power. It looks and feels amazing, and I love wearing it as it’s unlike any other piece of jewelry I own. I feel sacred and special when I wear it. I will definitely come back to Brigid’s Grove when I need more special jewelry like this!”



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6 thoughts

  1. I purchased a priestess ring from your Etsy shop, and it’s my favorite piece of jewelry ever. I can feel the higher energy from the ring, it sounds crazy but it’s true. Thank you for the beautiful work you do!!

  2. I just received your red jasper priestess initiation ring and am so very delighted. It looks quite beautiful on my finger….and just feels right. Your pricing is so reasonable which helps but even then…it is quite special.

    1. We’re so glad to know that, Ann! Thank you for sharing. It seems like the ring was meant for you!

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