Practical Priestessing

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Do you feel that divine hum of resonance in your bones when you hear the word Priestess?

Do you want to take a journey into your womanspirit wisdom?

Do you want to learn tools, resources, and rituals for practical priestessing?

Do you want to reach out to other women in sisterhood and facilitate powerful circle experiences?

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This online course is both a powerful, personal experience AND an intensive training in practical priestessing for facilitating transformative circles, celebrations, rituals, and gatherings. You will listen to your deep self, access your inner wisdom and prepare to step into circle as guardian and guide for other people who are hungering for depth, connection, restoration, and renewal in today’s busy world.

 This class now includes an optional live retreat and initiation ceremony at the close of your training experience, held with my sacred women’s circle in beautiful Missouri, deep in the forest and beside the river. This retreat is not required, you may still register even if you will not be coming to the live component. Notes: Travel expenses to the retreat are not included, but lodging, food, ritual, and projects are included at no additional cost. The dates for the closing retreat are not yet set, but will be in late September or early October, 2019.

Mollyblessingway 215


Do you thrive in a small group atmosphere with lots of support, interaction, feedback, and personal attention?

This intensive program is limited to 25 women, to allow for deep connection and dedicated attention.

This course prepares you for priestess work in a variety of settings, including women’s spirituality circles, seasonal ceremonies, family celebrations, rites of passage ceremonies, rituals, and retreats.


Your online experience includes…

  • A six month immersive journey over the course of a spiral path of initiation and experiencing
    • Knowing Self (Maiden Unit)
    • Might of Creation (Mother Unit)
    • Gathering the Women (Crone Unit)
  • Each unit includes a ceremony, over five hours of audio lessons and walkthroughs, meditations, discussion questions, journaling exercises, reading assignments, exploration of ethics and professional practice, training in group dynamics and leadership, intensive projects, and prompts designed to take you deep into the practical priestessing medicine bag.
  • Self-designed priestess practicum in your own community
  • Live interaction, support, feedback, and conversation via a private Facebook group
  • Optional: Live, in-person retreat, ritual, and initiation ceremony held with me and my sacred women’s circle in a beautiful lodge deep in the forest and beside the river in Missouri
  • Complete draft syllabus for course is available here.


And, do you want actual, physical, tangible resources for doing this work, rather than a collection of pdfs?

With your registration, you will also receive an incredible resource package valued at more than $200 including:

  • 240 page manual: Practical Priestessing Workbook, compiled specifically for this Initiation Program. In this collection of essays and ritual resources, you will find complete ritual and retreat “recipes,” ceremony outlines, ritual guidelines, circle leadership basics, and readings, quotes, and poems to help you facilitate a rich, inviting, welcoming, creative space for the people of your community.
  • Ritual Facilitation book by Shauna Aura Knight
  • Womanrunes Book and Card set: used throughout the program for personal guidance and self-development. And, perfect for ongoing use in an inspiration and renewal corner at your circles and ceremonies.
  • Handmade goddess sculpture
  • Purple altar cloth
  • Purple organza bag to store your resources
  • Priestess wisdom and elemental connecting gemstone sets
  • Head wreath kit and tutorial
  • Special Priestess Initiation gift (to be opened only upon program completion!)
  • Spiral goddess pendant with amethyst bead.

After your process is complete you will also receive:

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Ritual Recipe Kit e-book
  • Circle-ready digital files of the rich meditations and insightful readings used in the program
  • Ongoing support and guidance through continued participation in our private Facebook group
  • Opportunity to serve as a Priestess Assistant in our other online courses.


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This program is an investment of just $995 for everything included above! (several payment plan options are available)


Register Now


Please note that this course does rest on an assumption that you’ve already done or are concurrently doing the personal spiritual work required for priestessing. The focus of this program is on vocational priestessing: priestess work as a viable occupation.

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Have more questions?

Check out the FAQ!Goddessgarb 223

Note: there is also a recommended reading list of additional books (not included in the course package) that you are strongly encouraged to purchase for this class.

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What people are saying:

First a MASSIVE thank you for the work you are doing, I have learned so much from you…the depth and clarity of the practical Priestessing course has surpassed my expectations! I am happy I decided to delve into the WomanRunes course which led me here… right where I am supposed to be.


Your work is real and authentic and it resonates with me because I’m real and I live in the real world. And I love that I found you at the right time in my journey!


I am in the middle of another 13 month Priestessing course and while it is very in depth on a spiritual personal level it is lacking on the vocational level as actually working in the community as a priestess. And while I realize that we need our own deep personal connection with goddess spirituality in order to share that with others, there is another layer for those that feel the call to go further. I feel like that it what I am getting from this course and I am truly grateful for all of you sharing the journey.

 –Nina H.


I was fortunate and excited to be in the first Practical Priestessing class. It would be impossible for me to adequately express all that I gained from this program. In addition to getting all of the necessary knowledge and materials to begin on the path of a vocational Priestess, I also learned a great deal about myself in the process. Molly did a beautiful job of combining academia and her own personal experience leading women into a program that truly suits the needs of those who feel called to serve. She is a gifted writer and presents the material in an easily understood way. Not only that, she is accessible, supportive and serves it all up with love. The sisterhood that was established amongst the class members was also amazing. I have never felt more understood and accepted in a group than I did all throughout this training. We learned, laughed, cried and celebrated the successes of one another. If you feel called to serve in this capacity, I highly recommend this class. You will be astonished at all of the ways it will enrich your life and allow you to feel confident in “calling the women to gather.”

 –Lorita Boyes McGhee


Thank you Molly for sharing this work. The format of this course is more than I could have ever imagined.


This course deeply supports my work as a circle facilitator and ed/behavioral consultant whose work is based in the grounding power of rhythms and ritual.


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About Your Guide:

Molly has been gathering the women to circle, sing, celebrate, and share since 2008. She plans and facilitates women’s circles, seasonal retreats and rituals, mother-daughter circles, family ceremonies, and red tent circles in rural Missouri. She is an ordained priestess who holds MSW and M.Div degrees and recently finished her dissertation about contemporary priestessing in the U.S. Molly’s roots are in birth work and in domestic violence activism. She has worked with groups of women since 1996 and teaches college courses in group dynamics and human services.

 Molly is the author of Womanrunes, Earthprayer, and The Red Tent Resource Kit, as well as three social service oriented booklets and a miscarriage memoir. Molly and her husband Mark co-create original goddess sculptures, ceremony kits, and pendants at Brigid’s Grove and she writes about thealogy, nature, practical priestessing, and the goddess at Brigid’s Grove and her Woodspriestess blog.


5 thoughts

  1. Hi Molly,
    I am swamped currently and cannot stretch myself thinner to attend your March-May class. However, I am very much interested in attending at a later date. Would you please put me on your website mailing list? I am currently studying to become a Daughter of Brighide with Marion Brigantia of the Glastonbury Goddess Collective. I am also taking a course in Shamanism with Maureen Browning.

    What type of certificate comes when we finish the course? What type of work does this certificate allow us to do?

    Thanks for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you shortly.


    1. Hi Pauline,

      You’re on the mailing list and I’ll keep you posted! Your certificate will be a certificate of completion as a Womanspirit Priestess. You are able to facilitate ceremonies, rituals, and circles of many types, including seasonal rituals, babynamings, mother blessings, maiden and crone ceremonies, red tents/pink tents, and full moon rituals. It is not an ordination, so it doesn’t include legal weddings, but after your experience through the course, I would suggest it pairs well with subsequent ordination through Global Goddess.

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