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  1. I long to not be afraid.

    I’ve been afraid my whole life. I live with crippling shyness. I wanted to be an artist, travel, dance, accomplish something great, but being shy and afraid, I did nothing. I’ve become less shy over the years, but not enough to have had and done these things I wanted so bad.

    My hands are now stiff and painful from arthritis, so I can’t draw the way I once did.

    The one time I did dance in front of a group, I was so scared, I can’t remember doing it!

    But I did manage to overcome my fear to travel to meet my son in China. I flew, ALONE, to China! The whole time I made plans, I asked myself, “Is this really going to happen?” I saved the money, got a passport, got immunizations, bought a ticket, and then boarded a plane alone to travel halfway around the world hoping my son would indeed meet me on the other end. I found out later, he almost missed his plane from Southeast Asia to Shanghai. It was a wonderful experience, and it happened because for once, I overcame my fear.

    I’d like to be able to overcome those feelings of shyness and fear more often.

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