Experienced Priestess Registration

IMG_3018We are pleased to add an experienced priestess registration option to our power-FULL Practical Priestessing program. This online course is both a powerful personal journey and a training in facilitating transformative women’s circles in your own community. The experienced priestess option is designed for women who have been trained with other programs and who are experienced with priestess work and leading women’s circles, but who would like access to the rich bundle of resources we created for our Initiation program. Experienced priestess registration gives you self-study, sequential access to all of the class components, but without the associated expectation of completing the assignments for the course or the attachment to a specific calendar schedule. It is available as a digital-only resource OR including a fabulous bundle of resources mailed straight to your door.

You may email us for the application form for the experienced priestess option. Not all applications will be accepted, because this is specifically intended for experienced women.

Information about the full program is available here: Practical Priestessing Program – Brigid’s Grove


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