CSC February Ritual: your work, holy days, and paying attention

Creative Spirit Circle February Audio Ritual: your work, holy days, and paying attention.

Links/resources referenced:


Present Over Perfect, by Shauna Niequist

Dispatches from a Not-So Perfect Life by Faulkner Fox


Brigid’s Grove Patreon

Facebook Circle

Note: the Online Temple also referenced is no longer available. Online temple resources are primarily delivered via our Goddess Magic community on Patreon.

Related past audio: putting work boots on your dreams.

Decks used:
Everyday Witch Oracle
The Illustrated Herbiary

Bonus Resource: brand new Winged Heart card layout! (still under exploration/development)

Crossing card layout explanation:

As I note briefly in the audio, I’ve been really enjoying doing a simple “Crossing” layout in the mornings lately with Womanrunes as well as several other oracle card decks. I learned this method from The Illustrated Herbiary book linked to above. It is a simple two card layout—the first card represents you and then you cross it with another card, which represents what is crossing you/influencing you/impeding you/inviting more exploration from you. You can choose the “you” card randomly or intentionally. (I do random/intuitive.)

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