Audio exploration of devotion in daily practice.

Note: after I completed this recording, I went inside to get a drink and use the bathroom. When I came back out, a small bird was sitting by the open door of my tiny temple. As I watched, it hopped inside the temple. I crept closer and watched as it alighted on many surfaces around the room, including my priestess mantle and the light on my computer desk.

3 thoughts

  1. Molly, Thank you for this beautiful podcast. I realize I need to start be devoted to things in my life. when I walked away from religious practice, I lost this part of my life. and you helped me realize how to do this outside of religion, that it is a way of living life fully. also thank you for sharing about Mary Oliver. I had not heard of her, and have just gotten one of her books, Thanks again. So happy I came across your wonderful wise offerings. Thanks to Jessica Starr, The Story Witch’s youtube channel where she talked about your wonderful women runes deck and book set.

  2. Molly I love these thoughts of yours, so funny that the concept of devotion has lit up for me this year after spending time with a wise and wonderful elder and witnessing her in day to day life and how devotion is part of this. Actually, I named it devotion for some reason, not sure if that’s what she would call it. This caused me to ponder on devotion and what your thoughts have helped clarify for me is that devotion is a more feminine idea of what I might have called discipline before, somehow this seems so kinder, more accessible. Mmmmmm

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