A Cauldron Month!

“Wonder is a gift of living. Living is a gift of wonder.”

–Anne Wilson Schaef

August is a “Cauldron Month” for me. This is a time in which I “take it all to the cauldron” and let it bubble and brew and stew and percolate. This means that while our shop will be open and orders will be processed like usual, I am pulling my energy inward to let myself listen and be and to see what wants to emerge. I will not be writing many new blog posts (unless I’m struck with an irresistible wave of inspiration!), or making any ritual recordings, or generating much public written content. I did this last year and it was a very powerful time and I am looking forward to doing it again!

There is an audio recording from me available here that discusses more about the Cauldron Month idea and gives some ideas and suggestions for july-2017-353your own Cauldron Month. The companion handouts that I reference in the audio, including the Cauldron card layout, are all available for free in our Creative Spirit Circle companion classroom.

As I also note in the recording, last year at this same time I did a guided meditation called the Moon Goddess Ally Journey. During the meditation, in the temple in which I met the moon goddess, right as the meditation was coming to a close, the Cauldron from Womanrunes appeared quite clearly etched on the floor of the temple–very large, covering the whole floor. It was very dramatic and powerful and felt like a wake-up call, which I have been listening to ever since!

The Cauldron is a rune of alchemy and change, but also of containment and contemplation—a marrying of what might seem like opposites, but that which really co-exist. During this upcoming month, take it all to the Cauldron…what are you cooking? What flavors do you want to add? What do you want to create? What needs time and focus to bubble and brew? Can you allow yourself to steep in your own flavors? The Cauldron asks us what we’re cooking, but it also offer boundaries, containment, a safe space in which to stew up our truest magic!

May you be inspired by some time in cauldron, may you be inspired by time with yourself, may you be inspired by that which surrounds you, connected to Goddess, connected to the earth, connected to the animals, plants, the wisdom of the wind, the song of branches, and the symphony of river, stone, leaf, and breath.

Affirmation for the week: I take it to the Cauldron. I listen to the deep within and also to the magic that surrounds me.

And now, dear circle members, the rattle passes to you…



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  1. Passing from the Mother aspect into the Crone aspect has allowed me to change my view of the Cauldron from one of the “Belly” to one of the “Being”. I’ve always held an affinity to these beautiful vessels and am glad that they offer a different wisdom to me now.
    The concept of the “Cauldron Month” is wonderful, Molly! I’m looking forward to mine <3

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